Instructions for ordering by mail (Canadian addresses)

Check the prices below, and don't forget to include sales tax and shipping. Be sure to itemize your order carefully, and include your shipping/mailing address, including postal code, and an email address or phone number where we may contact you if there is any problem. Then mail with a cheque payable to Fallen Angle Music, 285 Spencer Street, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2R1. Your order will be shipped as soon as your cheque arrives.

CDs are $17.50 CDN
Cassettes are $9 CDN

Add applicable HST or GST for your province as follows:
ON, NL, NB: 13% HST
NS: 15% HST
BC: 12% HST
All other provinces & territories: 5% GST

Add shipping and handling (tax included) as follows:
Order value (before tax) up to $17.50: $3
Up to $35: $4
Up to $52.50: $7
Up to $70: $8
Over $70: $11